This Great US Navy Viral Prank Actually Goes Back To 1931

This radio transmission between the US Navy en route to Iraq and the lowly Spanish Coast Guard is absolutely hilarious. The only problem is that it's fake and over 80 years old.

The radio transmission is what the US Navy calls "the lighthouse joke" in an online release from 1995. The Navy was then fending off an earlier circulation of this story whose basic structure was the same: a large US ship sternly commands a small coast guard to move, only to find that it's a lighthouse and it ain't going anywhere, bud.


Go on Snopes, however, and you'll find that the joke goes back at the very least to 1931, when a single frame comic showed the same boat/lighthouse drama communicated over megaphone.

Much as I wish this current Spanish Coast Guard radio transmission was real, it ain't. And Your favorite Internet jokes may be older than you think.

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