One of the most beautiful race cars we've seen over the last few years is the Ferrari 430-based P4/5 Competizione of badass Ferrari-collector James Glickenhaus.

While that car continues to evolve, there just might be a new car on the horizon, and it's this. Meet the P4/5 LMP.

The original P4/5 Competizione has been quite fast, and will be returning to the Nurburgring in late October. The hope is to break its own existing record of 6:51 for a Ferrari powered car to lap the circuit. If it wins it could end up being the FIA World Championship Alternate Energy Cup Class 7 champ.


But in 2014, Glickenhaus and company are exploring the possibility of running an all new version of P4/5 in the LMP1 class. Rules are changing and alternative fuel cars (the P4/5 uses a KERS hybrid system) would be the way to go.

The initial sketches of the new car look absolutely stunning. It's unmistakably a P4/5 variant, but additions like the sharkfin over the engine cover, the full width rear wing, and the more angular headlights make it more aggressive than ever.

In order to make the jump to full on LMP racing, Glickenhaus' team will need a substantial sponsorship commitment. But who wouldn't love to see a Ferrari once again on the Circuit de la Sarthe mixing it up with Audi and Toyota, and whoever else is entered alongside.


We can't wait to see this happen.

Photo Credit: P4/5 Competizione