The P4/5 Competizione Is The Fastest Ferrari Ever To Lap The 'Ring

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The Ferrari P4/5 Competizione just made history during 24 Hours of Nürburgring qualifying by setting the fastest lap ever in a Ferrari-powered vehicle, besting the Ferrari 599XX's 6:58.16 with a time of just 6:51. And his car is street legal. Sort of.


Glickenhaus was fairly calm, standing next to his record-breaking work of automotive art. "I think it's pretty cool," is the relaxed response he gives when I implore him to explain the feeling of achieving such a thing. But then the Glickenhaus spirit comes out.

Lap times are a weird sort of measure. No two laps are the same. No two drivers. No sets of tires. When the 599XX did it there was no traffic and they didn't have to keep driving on the same rubber. The car also wasn't running restricted or with extra weight.

Yet, it's hard to imagine even the engineers at Ferrari putting as much thought into their special customer racing car as Glickenhaus and his team have put into taking a Ferrari F430 and transforming it into this KERS-equipped stallion.

What's in a number? If John Proctor were a car fan instead of a 17th century dude with a penchant for crazy chicks he'd maybe answer "Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my number? I have given you my soul, leave my number!"

When pressed for the importance, Glickenhaus plays it cool himself, but can't help but issue a sideways challenge.


"If Ferrari wants to come here and challenge it…"

These are heavy numbers. But they should be. They're weighted with the authority of the 'Ring.


(Ed Note: You've probably guessed now where I've gone on my vacation. More to come after the race!)


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the race is run on the Nordschleife or the 24h circuit?

on what config did it turn the 6:51 lap?