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Ferrari 599XX Claims New Nurburgring Lap Time Record

The Ferrari 599XX claims to have just became the first production-derived sports car to break the seven-minute barrier at the Nurburgring, lapping it at an astonishing 6:58.16. But is it really a record?

This record depends on how you define "production-derived sports car" and whether or not it's a record we should care about. For starters, the 599XX was wearing slicks and isn't a road legal vehicle, it's just based on one. So, yeah, it's a production-derived sports car, but unlike a production sports car, you've got to trailer this queen to the 'ring.


Compare that with the Radical SR8LM, which last August lapped 10 seconds faster (6:48) while wearing road legal tires and after driving to the German track from ye olde England. Is Ferrari cheating by calling this a record? Sure, but whatever, this is still one hell of an impressive lap from the 700 HP prancing stallion.

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Jonathan Harper

I got about 10 seconds into this video before I needed to stop it and turn on my Xbox to load up Forza 3.

...Lets see how I stack up against Mr. Raffaele De Simone.