This Golf From Hell Will Pass Anything But Emissions

Volkswagen never turned the mark 2 Golf into an official Group B rally car, but somebody in Austria corrected that mistake.

Banning all motorsports apart from hillclimb events after the horrific 1955 Le Mans disaster turned Switzerland into a heaven for high-downforce high-boost machinery like this silhouette racer that looks almost exactly like how a facelifted US-spec Golf left the factory in 1990.


Luckily, the love of hillclimbs spreads across the borders from Italy to Austria, you name the village. After all, why on earth would these countries have Europe’s highest and most extensive mountain range at their disposal if not for doing this?

Nope, an ECU upgrade alone won’t turn your Golf into Karl Schagerl’s “für Berg” rally car.

Photo credit: 19Bozzy92


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