This French Military Vehicle Is Kind of Like a Real-Life Halo Warthog

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Gif: DefenseWebTV (YouTube)

The Arquus Scarabée military vehicle concept was showcased to the public about a year ago, but the first clips of an early build in action started to surface online last month, and you can see why it’s named after an insect.

Of course the most visually impressive aspect of the Scarabée is the fact that both the front and rear axles can turn for steering, giving it unique maneuverability. The front and rear wheels can turn opposite of each other for extremely tight cornering, or they can move together so that the truck can drive laterally if necessary.

Apparently the vehicle is propelled by a diesel engine with an electric boost, for a combination of range and the option for silent running. And environmental friendliness! Just kidding.

It doesn’t look like it can achieve quite enough of an angle to drive completely perpendicularly, but its weird “crab-walk” capability would certainly have an advantage for dodging things are moving through natural terrain.

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Photo: Arquus

Otherwise, the Scarabée cockpit’s designed for four, it has range of loadout options, and adjustable suspension that lets it be tall for off-roading or short for transportation. It’s proportioned to fit inside a military aircraft.


Looks like it would be a decent city car, too. Joking aside, it does look a lot better than the Rezvani Tank. Maybe Arquus will add some quilted leather and make a civilian version of it can’t find enough countries in conflict needing these things for actual combat.

Hat tip to Bret and Nosrat!