This Fire Truck Manufacturer Used Fire Department Money To Pay For His Yacht

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When a community scrapes together taxpayer dollars to buy a new fire truck, it reasonably expects to get one eventually. Such was not the case for communities that placed orders with Elite Fire Apparatus.

The company's owner, David K. Moser, 57, was charged last week with seven counts of felony theft. He had been taking fire departments' payments for gear, but had been using the money to pay for his yacht loan, his lake property taxes, jewelry, and a variety of other luxury goods.


According to court records, Moser even used some of the money to start a trust for his kid. Sounds like the beginning of a douchbag dynasty.

While he was paying for his boat and setting up junior's future empire, Moser wasn't building fire trucks. Municipalities in New York, Massachusetts, and Indiana each payed more than $300,000 for equipment, waiting years while nothing happened.

Maybe I'm naïve, but it always surprises me that people think they can get away with stuff like this. Let's see. Guy takes money. Guy buys boat and diamond encrusted grille or something. People who gave the guy money in exchange for something awesome for their community wonder why they're not getting the awesomeness as guy drives by in a new car.

Anyway, for his flagrant criminal asshattery, Moser faces a maximum of 70 years in prison and up to $175,000 in fines.


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given the Mexican flag I take it that's not actually *his* yacht but *a* yacht?