This Sleek Mercedes Yacht Is Pure Floating Sex

Ever wonder what a Mercedes-Benz boat would look like? Your waiting days are over, my chums of fine pedigree. Mercedes has teamed up with Silver Arrows Marine to create the Benz yacht you've always wanted but could never have. It's pure floating sex.

We haven't seen anything this cool since the world's largest trimaran concept (the one with a McLaren in its onboard garage) became a real, live fantasy this summer. At 46-feet-long, the Mercedes yacht isn't quite big enough to house its own car, but its layout makes it look a lot like those luxury touring roadsters from the 1920s. Or a CLS63 Shooting Brake.


Oh, and if you happen to pick up a supermodel or two at any dock party you're sure to be the king of, the Mercedes Yacht has overnight accommodations aboard. Yarrrr. Booty on the high seas.

It seems Mercedes has been busy recently, what with the Eurocopter EC145 and the company's foray into furniture furniture design (don't ask). We're pretty sure they have a spaceship, too, although it's definitely an '80s model. Pretty soon, they'll have absolutely everything a wealthy playboy could ever want or need.


Mercedes-Benz will present the Silver Arrows sexy boat at the Monaco Yacht show, where it will undoubtedly catch the attention of potential international man of mystery buyers.


Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz Style

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