This Is A Man With A Mechanical Bull Trike-cycle Outside The European Pirate Summit

Today is "National Talk Like a Pirate Day." I'm not going to talk like a pirate in this post because I can barely speak regular English as it is.

But I sure as hell will gawk at this mechanical bull trike mashup.

For the European Pirate Summit (Yes, that's a real thing) in Cologne, Germany, one enterprising young pirate has a mechanical bull with wheels for rear legs that he was riding there.


This thing has blown my mind.

Is it dragged around by the front legs? Did pirates ever ride bulls? How does this at all fit in with a celebration of pirates? Was Cologne founded by Blackbeard? If a pirate finds a pot of gold, is he technically a leprechaun? What the fuck is juice?

We'll probably never know. Or we might. Who knows?

Photo Credit: Mark Melnykowycz/Facebook


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