This Fiat Is The Complete Opposite Of The 500

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Having a car that your father bought in 1955 is pretty special in itself, but this Fiat racer has even more to offer as long as you don’t mind getting battered by the rain at while struggling towards the ton.

Long before Carlo Abarth moved to Italy from Austria to shake things up, mechanics like Stanguellini started to play around with Fiats in Ferrari’s homeland, making them far sleeker and much faster in preparation for races like the Mille Miglia.

Fabrizio Lorenzoni’s car started out with an open-wheeler torpedo body using a tubular frame wrapped in aluminum, but for endurance racing, it had to be upgraded with fenders. After spending decades in the family garage, she’s back on the road adding even more accomplishments to its already rich racing history.


While it might not look fast at first, that 1,100 cc engine gave it impressive average speed figures in period. I guess it’s as fast as you dare to be sitting in that tiny leather seat.

The cat is fatter, that’s for sure.

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That is one awesome car, but I would say the Beast of Turin, also a racecar and with its 28 liters of displacement, is the exact opposite of the Fiat 500.