What if I told you there was an eight-cylinder, dual-clutch, four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer Ford on Craigslist right now? What if I told you it had dual controls? What if I told you it was made out of two Escorts?

Yes, this ZĂźndapp Janus/Top Gear-esque custom was built out of two Ford Escorts from the early '80s. The philosophical question this car asks is "if I take two shitty cars and weld them together, does that make it an awesome car?"

We would say yes.


The car looks remarkably clean on the outside, which gives us some confidence to believe that the engineering inside is reasonably sound. The $3,000 pricetag makes us question that certainty, though. There's got to be some way to lock the steering and manage the engines, right? Right?

Still, the car is listed in Southern Oregon (go here when the ad disappears), which isn't exactly ground zero for bizarre custom car builds in the United States, but it's a close contender for the top spot.


But hey, we could be wrong about this whole thing. The donor cars could be Mercury Lynxes!

(Hat tip to Ferdinandwertschätzungsgesellschaft and Murilee Martin!)

Photo Credit: Craigslist