This Drunk Florida Man Led Cops On A Chase Through A PGA Golf Course

There once was a dream called Florida. Then someone spiked the water supply with something that would make lots of people do really silly shit.


Take this latest Floridaism, in which Kenneth Gonzalez, 21, passed out drunk in his parked car and then bolted when the cops arrived to wake him up. By driving across a PGA golf course.

The resulting chase wasn't exactly high speed. Police chased Gonzalez across the green on foot, catching up when he swerved into someone's backyard and crashed into their screened-in porch (somehow I always knew there were hazards involved in living on a golf course).


We've heard of people drinking on the golf course before, but usually a golf cart crash is the biggest risk. Fortunately, no one other than Gonzalez's 2001 Nissan Xterra was hurt when he took off across this Northwest Florida course. Gonzalez walked away from the wreck, straight into the the back of a police car, and presumably to jail.

Florida should get a new flag. One with a symbolic depiction of drunken asshattery and sex crimes happening in cars. Anyone have any ideas for new flag for the Sunshine State?


Photo credit: Shutterstock

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