This Dealer's Retro 1970s Ford F-150 Package Brings Back The Beautiful Trucks We've Lost

The past is back in a big way, folks. Don’t worry, disco is still very much dead and high crime rates don’t seem to be making a comeback, but two-tone F-150s with chrome racks and HiLites are, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.


This retro package, called the “BFP Retro F-150" option, is available through Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio, finally giving you a reason to go to Cincinnati, Ohio, a terrible city in a terrible state full of terrible things. But it’s not just a retro paint job you get with this package. To achieve a more late-1970s-early-1980s feel, Beechmont also added a 3.5-inch suspension lift, 17-inch polished wheels and 35-inch all-terrain tires. Beautiful.

Of course, good lights sit on top of a Black Horse rack to complete the look. And while Beechmont will retro-style any F-150 you order through the dealership, it recommends you pick up the XLT or Lariat trims for their flashy chrome packages, according to The Drive.

We are of two minds usually when it comes to two-tone paint jobs. Our own Kristen Lee recently came to the color scheme’s defense, and I tend to agree with her, because she is right. Even if you aren’t into the retro look, the two paints colors will still make your F-150 stand out, which can be tough considering it’s one of the best selling vehicles of all time.

Let’s compare this package to this nicely rehabbed 1979 F-150 on Autotrader:

It don’t get much more ‘murican than this.
Image: Autotrader Classics

Good amount of chrome? Check. Big, beefy tires? Check. A ride height that will leaves the shorter cars scrambling? Double check. Looks like Beechmont Ford knows what it’s doing.

And if you’re not a Ford person, a dealership in Minnesota is currently giving Chevy Silverados the same treatment. Can we just do this to all the trucks?


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