This Crazy Ford F-250 In Dubai Is A Massive Middle Finger In The Sand

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This lifted 1972 Ford pickup called ‘Sloppy’ is more like a speedboat than anything else. You pretty much have to steer it with the gas in the desert and it will jump around more than House of Pain. It’s pure gold.


If you think a Bullitt Mustang doesn’t make too much sense in the land of sand, you will be glad to know that owner also imported a ‘72 Ford F-250 from California, complete with a fully built engine and suspension upgrades that can deal with what Dubai has to offer: endless dunes.


This is Baja meeting Middle-Eastern craziness ladies and gentlemen, and the resulting truck looks more fun and has so much attitude that Mike ‘Big Muscle’ Musto calls it one of the coolest vehicles he has driven, ever.

Rear-wheel drive cars are usually slower on the track and are certainly trickier to keep together off-road, but you just can’t argue with the fun factor, and that’s pretty much what it should be all about.

Truck yeah!


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Why does this F-250 have an F-100 badge? And 5-lug wheels? And a 302?

Methinks it’s not an F-250