A Bullitt Mustang Isn't The Coolest Classic Ford In Dubai

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That trophy goes to a lifted pickup truck from the seventies. But what are these cars doing in Dubai in the first place? Enjoying sand dunes and long stretches of open tarmac. Duh.

Why would anybody drive classic American cars in the Middle-East? I might also ask why anybody would drive classic American cars in the middle of Europe?


I guess universally, because they look cool, but at least in the United Arab Emirates gas is super cheap while most people have enough cash to burn, plus the roads are brand new, quite long and relatively straight, which is always a plus if you’re driving a ‘68 Mustang.

Go further with some custom shocks, a stroked motor or a lift kit, and the fun escalates quickly. Just ask Mike Musto:

He might recommend a bigger radiator as well.


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