This Chevy Truck Is The Best Vehicle At The Nürburgring Paddocks

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Among the amazing field of refined European sports cars at the Nürburgring, there’s this big ol’ slab of American iron towing race cars around... because Falken Motorsport obviously knows how to build a bad ass support truck.


There are plenty of great race cars out there wearing Falken’s colors, and the Nürburgring 24 seems to have them all. One of their Porsches is definitely in the paddocks somewhere, and I also met two of the Falken BMWs, the E30 and the E39 M5 drift cars.

One of them had to arrive right behind this:


I can’t say I’m shocked to see such a vehicle since Germans, Dutch and other Northern Europeans happen to be more hooked on rusty American iron than David Hasselhoff on a certain feeling, but still.

There are lots of crazy cars around the Nordschleife at the moment that are clearly not here to compete at the 24 Hours, but this was unexpected.


Then the drift kings rolled in on a proper semi, and everything went back to normal.


Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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