We've all heard the tale of the rally team that snapped their throttle cable mid-race. They stopped and threw away the hood, while one guy jumped in the engine bay and the other drove the rest of the rally at full throttle. But like all good stories, there's more than just glory and a ridiculous photo op.

XCAR’s latest video is about the Deane family and their racing lives, from rallying fast Escorts in the mud to drifting a Nissan Silvia, burning many sets of Falkens and setting up Guinness World Records in the process.

Yet there’s a story within the story that explains perfectly why the Deane boys are all hooked on gasoline. It involves their father, Mike, a rally car competing in the 1,600cc class, a minor technical difficulty, and a solution that only a former biker could come up with.

Motorsport is so much better than playing golf...