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Big name Japanese tuner HKS has been making lap records its thing as of late, mostly with a mega-powerful/mega-light Toyota 86. But it’s also built up a Suzuki Swift with the same ethos and it is extremely awesome.


The little guy has a full carbon widebody kit and is even center-seat, all while it’s still a wee front-drive hatchback.

With the inimitable Nobuteru Taniguchi at the wheel, HKS is gunning for a 55-second lap of Tsukuba , which it declares “a phenomenal time for FF vehicles” in its charming video description. Earlier this year the FF lap record got set in the 56s by a 1990s Civic with more front wing than an old F1 car.


Anyway, good luck, plucky Suzuki.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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My rental for the Nurburgring last year was a Swift Sport, absolutely adored that car. With Toyo R888s some mild suspension, brake, and power mods it felt like a giant go-kart. If they sold them in the USA I’d 100% daily one with the occasional track day thrown in.