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This Burnout Is So Big It Breaks A Driveshaft

We already know that old gassers are burnout machines. This '50 Chevy does one so big, it breaks its own driveshaft.


If you're curious, this was shot at the awesome Billetproof show back in '09. The fans are the best part, as you can tell.



Keep it classy, Billetproof.

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My first time attending Ocean City, MD's big Spring Cruzin' show, back in somewhere around '97, it was still utter chaos, or from what we heard, the pinnacle of years of build up. The police were still seriously understaffed for the number of cars, gearheads, and spectators. Crazy wheelstanding launches from red lights, burnouts so big the entire block was enveloped in tire smoke, and drag races that hit triple digit speeds; all on city streets with thousands of people walking around. I believe we saw more ambulances then police cars. My buddy and I hung out at one particular "burnout area" (there were "signs" saying so) for a while to watch the festivities. A Chevelle was in the process of a decent smoke show when his front u-joint/yoke decided to leave the party in spectacular fashion. The pieces flew from underneath in all directions, with a large chunk of trans yoke missing my ankle by only about 18 inches and striking the curb with enough force to take a respectable sized hunk of concrete with it. Another person was hit, but it was a smaller piece that bounced off something first, so it wasn't too serious. Needless to say, the city cracked down after that year, taking it in the opposite direction of arresting and impounding for simple tire chirps, and spectators for simply watching and giving a thumbs up or a "whoo" to a burnout. Recent years seem to have found a happy medium though. The police aren't Gestapo like, but have enough presence and fear/respect towards them that people mostly behave and nothing too crazy happens.