I’m a big fan of the irregularly-shaped enclosed volumes of space we like to carry with us as we drive. I think they’re called ‘trunks’ or ‘boots’ or other weirdly clothing-related things. Anyway, this Beetle – actually, a Super Beetle, has easily the most incredible trunk I’ve ever seen on a Beetle, and possibly on any car. Here, look for yourself.

Just look at that trunk. Everything is leather-covered, even the windshield washer reservoir. There’s a video monitor in there, a full set of plate settings and cups and glasses, all in nice little holders, and there’s even a swing-out table! All this, and there’s even still room to hold a duffel bag or something on the table, so it’s still a functional trunk! There can’t be anything else that would make this better, right?

Wrong, trunklover! Look at this – there’s also a slide-out backgammon board! Now, I have no idea how to play backgammon, but I know some people love it and the sets are always these satisfying things with leather-covered everything that smell like raw, uncut luxury, so I’m going to say this detail, in conjunction with everything else, makes this humble Super Beetle’s trunk the better of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys across the globe.


I’m sure some of you are skeptical. I get that. You’re probably thinking “That trunk may be fine for you plebs out there – but I’m the sort of person that has to impress really important people and Smurfs. Not just any Smurf – I need to impress the supreme leader of all Smurfs. Papa Smurfing Smurf.” I hear you. Check this out:

It’s so rare to come across an image that really has it all: Beetles, backgammon, Smurfs, man-ponytails, chrome. Astounding.


See? Believe me now? I thought so.

The Beetle was modified by Zorlu Oto, a Turkish company that seems to specialize in Mercedes Sprinter van VIP conversions and that sort of thing. I’m guessing the Beetle was done as a sort of rolling showcase of what they do, and as such it’s ridiculous and fantastic.

Using a Super Beetle was smart, because you get the same iconic Beetle shape, but the McPhearson front suspension allows for a trunk that’s 86% bigger than a standard Beetle, allowing for all that extra awesome they crammed in there.


The rest of the Beetle’s interior is done up to their VIP Sprinter van-spec, too, with lovely huge quilted seats, separate buckets in the rear instead of the traditional bench, one of the most ornate dashboards I’ve ever seen in a Beetle, and what is likely the largest dome light installed in any VW ever.

Luxury isn’t usually what gets me excited in a car, but this level of opulence in an air-cooled VW is something special, and I thought it deserved some special mention.


Great work, Zorlu. Until anyone can prove otherwise, I’m declaring this the Finest Air-Cooled Beetle Trunk Ever.