This auto journalist crashed a Lamborghini Aventador

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Today, I stand to rend my garments and shout "Scusi! Scusi" to the world's owners of Lamborghini Aventadors for accusing one of their number of smashing their carbon-fiber treasure into a fence post. I should have known it was a journalist at the wheel.


According to Carscoop, the Austrian magazine Autorevue confesses in its most recent issue that one of its drivers was trying to pass a truck on an Italian highway when he took an unexpected sabbatical into the countryside. Given it's a press loaner, the driver and magazine likely aren't responsible for the world's first activation of the Lamborghini carbon-fiber repair team. If the Austrian journalist egos are anything like their U.S. counterparts, they will be mended and road-ready much sooner.


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Matt Brown

So how does one become one of these "Journalists"?