This 4WD Civic Wagon Is A Candian Chick Magnet

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We've seen our share of funny Craigslist ads, but we have to give credit to this British Columbian man for this honest and enthusiastic endorsement of his Honda Civic wagon.


We're big fans of the Honda Civic 4WD Wagon because of its useful size and "real time" four-wheel drive system, which didn't necessitate a manual selector. While we can't be sure his claim of this being a "chick magnet" is truly correct by American standards, we hear anything goes above the border.

BC's BEST BEATER: 1988 Honda Civic Wagon 4WD - just keeps goin' !! - $500 (Downtown Vancouver (English Bay))

SPECS: 4 cylinder, 6-speed manual transmission, lots of KM, runs, turns, stops. Aircared. Anti-Theft & Keyless Entry Systems. Cheap. Plus, it's a 4 by fucking 4! What more could you want?

DETAILS: OK, this ain't gonna win the shine & show, but it's as functional as a car comes.

It's a 4 cylinder, so it's great on gas, and it has 4WD that works like no other. Seriously, this was the only car to get through the Coquihalla during a snow storm last past March Break, ahead of a 5 km long line of F350's, Land Rovers, Pathfinders, etc. It's also long enough to sleep in if you ever need to.

On the downside, if you're into aesthetics, well, it's ugly. It's got rust around the wheel wells and other random spots. At least it's painted sort of a dirt and rust-matching brown.

The chasis is solid though. The front tires need to be replaced for most sane drivers/passengers to feel safe. Used ones run around $100 for two. And the trunk is really F'd - it won't lock and one of the two hinges sheared off (after trying to slam it shut into the broken lock), so the sheared side is held on by a climbing rope (included). Some of the passenger door locks also have a mind of their own, which keeps it fun for everyone, and with the trunk permanently open, you'll have no problem getting in. Perfect for those who sometimes lock their keys in the car. No one has ever tried to steal this one.

It's got over 250K on it, but just keeps going. Sorry, but if you ask about exact mileage, I can't sell it to you. That's just too stupid a question. The thing is over 20 years old. It runs, it turns, and it stops. It even has headlights that shine bright. Plus, it has a newish radiator, new muffler, and an AM/FM stereo that plays CD's. You want low miles? Try walking. This car MOVES!

If you're green, you won't feel like a sell-out burning fossil fuels in this old-growth, definitely re-used, fuel-efficient car. Plus, it's Air Cared. It always smashes the Air Car test. Do you know how many green house gases are emitted in the production of a new car? At least as much as keeping this one on the road 20 more years.

And for the Type-A drivers out there, this car exudes a certain "MOVE IT" kind of attitude that's perfect for bumper-to-bumper traffic. "You want to tangle with me? Your deductible is more than the value of my car, so you might want to get the @#$%! out of my way". It really works.

And for those from Surrey, this car totally screams CHICK MAGNET! (or, "don't shoot! If I could afford drugs, you think I'd be driving this?")

Own it for $500.

Those pics are great.



Hot damn, an honest ad written in English by someone who actually understands the spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, and not least of all, is engaging and interesting.

I'd buy it just to get to meet the guy.