This might just be the best deal in the automotive world right now: a verified 200 mph car selling for just $60k. And of course it’s on Craigslist.

This is the very trick looking olive drab 1999 Camaro Z28 in question. Obviously it has been quite heavily modified.


The reason why this front-page magazine car is so fast is that the original 305 horsepower 5.7 liter LS1 has been replaced with a forged 6.6 liter LS V8 with a custom all-billet 91mm turbocharger strong enough for over a 1,000 HP. The last dyno run, the Craigslist ad from seller and builder JFR Motors claims, was at 1,050 HP. More recent upgrades put it at an estimated 1,150.

Here’s how that single turbo sits in the car, as pictured on JFR’s own website. Unreal.


There is a host of suspension and rear end changes to make that all work in standing mile competition, for which this car was built.

It did 202.5 at the Mojave Mile last year and even beat a Bugatti Veyron doing it.


The car has some quirks, like no working speedometer and a Moser rear end that leaks some oil, but for the money I can’t think of anything better. It even supposedly gets 20 MPG highway!

If you get this thing as a daily driver, I will love you forever.

See the full Craigslist ad here, or go here to Bangshift to get a full recap of what is described when the listing eventually goes down.


Photo Credits: Ted 7 via Craigslist (topshot taken from ad listing), JFR Motors (engine)


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