Every now and then, something surfaces on the Internet that is so amazing, we stop and wonder how we lived our lives before we knew about it. Today is one of those days. Stop what you're doing because it's time to watch "Thunder on the Streets II."

This was a TV special from Evansville, Indiana in 1986 that spent an entire hour of television covering, I shit you not, SCCA Solo autocross.

No, I don't know why someone decided that a local autocross meet should be televised, let alone for an entire hour, but boy am I glad they did.

The video comes to us from Jalopnik reader Gene, whose local SCCA club just dug out a VHS copy of the special and tossed it up on YouTube.


If you've ever wanted to spend an hour watching RX-7s, Celicas, AE86s, Fox Mustangs, C4 Corvettes, and tons of others blast through the cones while local folks cover it like it's the Indy Goddamn 500, then look no further.

Oh, and it's the entire TV special, so it comes complete with period-appropriate commercials for Hardee's and RCA camcorders and VCRs.


OH! And at the end, about 50 minutes in, there's a montage set to "I Can't Drive 55" and then "The Heat Is On." It is the best salute to grassroots motorsports I think I've ever seen.

"Thunder on the Streets II" is your new god.