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This 1971 Jensen Interceptor Could Be Your Next Chrysler Powered GT Car

Photos: eBay/classics-rescue
Photos: eBay/classics-rescue

In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s the engineers at Jensen decided to follow the trend of putting American engines in British cars. It worked for the AC Cobra, maybe, they thought, it would work for them. This gave birth to the Jensen Interceptor, a grand touring car with a big ol’ Chrysler V8 under the hood.


You too can look like a British detective with this 1971 Jensen Interceptor currently for sale on eBay. This specific Jensen is a MkII powered by a Chrysler 383 cubic inch V8 paired with a Torqueflite automatic transmission. It’s basically a Plymouth Barracuda that was designed in Italy and assembled in Britain.

The odometer on this Interceptor reads just over 61,000 miles. British cars from the 1970s aren’t exactly known for their reliability but the 383 is a well regarded engine which should help matters just a bit.


This Interceptor is very clean for a 46 year old British car and according to the seller, only needs a fuel pump to operate but other than that it runs just fine. Chrysler engine and transmissions parts are also plentiful and shouldn’t be hard to find.

How can you say no to that ridiculous back window and overall aggressive design? It’s currently listed for $28,000 and is located in Texas.

Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.

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Let me get this straight, Mopar mill, designed by Italians, and built in England? It’s the automotive triforce of unreliable garbage!