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This Dilapidated Jensen Interceptor Is The Most Pathetic Car On Ebay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes, when I’m on Craigslist or Ebay, I come upon a car whose condition takes my breath away, and makes me wonder how the hell any vehicle could ever descend into such a miserable state. This Jensen Interceptor is one such example.

Someone by the username of emmfallow_0 is selling the saddest pile of metal on Ebay using the title “SUPER RARE MK1 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR 6.3 BARN FIND OWNED 30 YEARS 99P NO RESERVE.”


The listing’s title—describing a rare early model Interceptor (one of only 1,033 ever built) “barn find” with no reserve—sounds promising. Then you look at the photos, and “promising” becomes downright depressing. Just take a gander at this monstrosity:


The A-pillar has literally rotted off the chassis; looking at the top photo, you can see the roof has collapsed in on the passenger’s compartment. Glancing at that side-view picture above, I can’t help but wonder where the hell the rest of the body panels are. Did they just rot away into nothingness? Are those piles of dirt on the ground just old Jensen Interceptor body panels in powdered form?

I have many questions.

I have even more questions about the car’s rear end, which is almost completely nonexistent. There are no body panels and no lights. There isn’t a bumper, boot lid, or a hatch. Where did this car’s ass go?

The hood and front body panels also appear to be half-eaten. And they almost look like fiberglass, which is a bit odd, since the Interceptor was supposedly an all-steel design.


Honestly, I’m not even sure what’s going on with this vehicle. The seller says it’s a 1967 car that hasn’t been on the road since 1990, and that’s been stored outside for the past 17 years.


Instead of listing the parts that don’t work, the seller lists the parts that do. Among those parts: engine, gearbox, dashboard, some gauges, seats, chrome, glass, some lights, the roof, axle, grille, wheels and tires. The chassis is apparently also decent “minus some rust.”

This car is just downright sad. And to think, it once looked like this:

Maybe someone out there who desperately needs a tiny part for their MK1 interceptor will buy this, take the part, and scrap the rest. But I don’t see this thing getting fully restored. It looks far too far gone.