This 1970s Lincoln Is Really A Brazilian 1980s Ford From The '60s

In Brazil in the 1980s, you could buy a 1970s Lincoln that was actually a 1960s Ford. Wait, what?

Welcome to the Ford Landau, a Brazilian-only fullsizer. Under the skin is a 1966 Ford Galaxie, ladder frame and all. Ford brought the '66 Galaxie (pictured below) over to Brazil and even built the cars there, all the way through 1983! Talk about old school.


In '71 Ford do Brasil started a new model, still based off that '66 Galaxie. They called it the Landau and for the first few years it looked largely like one of those '60s Fords.

The car got a facelift in '76, though, that turned the thing around. The front end turned into an imitation of a late '60s Lincoln and a new 4.9L (302ci) V8 started living under the hood.


Somehow the whole thing got a bizarre alternate-timeline '70s Lincoln vibe, though I can't imagine how it must have looked rolling down the streets of Brasilia or Rio.

The Landau died in '83 along with Brazil's other big old Fords. What a strange era.


Photo Credits: Ford via OldCarBrochures and ifhp97

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