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Dick De Luna is a septuagenarian gentleman who intends to keep moving rather fast for at least another 20 years with this, his 1948 Nardi-Danese 6C 2500 shared with his wife as a navigator.


Most of you know Nardi for its classy steering wheels. Personally, I went for a four-spoke Personal from the late seventies/early eighties in my Autobianchi, just like Jones, Rosberg, Lauda, Prost, Piquet, Senna, Mansell, Schumacher, Hill and Villeneuve did in their championship-winning F1 cars. Hey, they're made by the same company! Let me dream.


Yet long before that, Enrico Nardi's shop was famous for more than just some wheels made of mahogany. Starting at Lancia, he soon ended up building his own race cars, including a monoposto based on the Fiat 500's chassis but powered by a 750 cc BMW flat-twin. Nardi went on to build his own camshafts, gearboxes and pretty much anything else that could make a car go faster.

After numerous prototypes and record cars, the company reduced its portfolio to making aftermarket parts in the mid-fifties, but before that happened, three Nardi-Danese 6C 2500 left the shop based on the Alfa Romeo 6C but with a dry-sump engine and a 32-gallon fuel tank, ready to take on the Mille Miglia.

With some google on, it's not a bad time machine, that's for sure. Also, anybody can drive an Alfa Romeo 6C, but a Nardi-Danese? Only three.

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