Show Us Your Favorite Steering Wheels

Wheels are fairly important when it comes to cars, and after taking care of the four on the outside, our attentions can finally shift to the one in front of us.

A wheel is the centrepiece of the interior, the physical connection between us and the car (apart from our buttocks of course), and the tool that helps to control the beast. So we want it to be pretty, wrapped in leather or Alcantara, or made out of wood and polished metals in case we drive a classic.


Plastics are acceptable in two cases: one is called carbon fibre, the other is when your car is from the eighties, with so many buttons on the steering wheel that you feel like Fernando Alonso even if your 0-60 time has one too many digits.

So which are the best? Once again, you can tell us in Kinja!

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