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This 100 MPH Mobility Scooter Eats Skylines For Breakfast

When a Nissan Skyline GTS-T lines up with a mobility scooter, what's gonna be faster? The mobility scooter of course!


Admittedly, this is not your ordinary mobility scooter. Built by Garage Insanity in the UK, it's got a Suzuki GSX-600F engine and runs up to 102.4 MPH in the quarter mile. Builders John McNeil, Richard Underwood, and Dale Glover claim it tops out at over 140, at which point the world goes plaid.

It does righteous burnouts, too.

I need to get my grandma one of these.

(Hat tip to Automatch!)

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Wow can't believe I made it onto Jalopnik! Feeling the love here. Look at me goooo!