Tesla is right in the middle of the debate on whether or not car companies should be able to sell directly to the customer. But Tesla, where would we be without the dealers?

Reader Zuzax asked the critical questions today as we saw North Carolina sounding like it's ready to ban Tesla sales in its fair state. After all, dealers would be under threat.

If you bypass the dealer, the consumer is left without a convenient source for Teflon paint sealant, fabric and leather protectant, undercoating, window-tinting, spoilers, extended warranty, specialty floormats, VIN-etched windows, pinstripes, special edition badging, credit insurance, market value adjustments, and other vital items that can't be removed from the dealer's additional sticker because they are already installed on the vehicle.

Bypassing the dealer will also decimate the document preparation fee industry as well as create rampant unemployment for additional dealer prep workers.

Can't you see how bad this is for the consumer? Thank God the legislators of North Carolina are looking out for the little guy.


Dammit, Tesla, we can't have you screwing things up for everyone. We need our pinstripes!

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson