Or, as you read the title: Blah Blah Blah Breasts Blah Blah Blah 1,300-HP Corvette. Yes, some schmuck has made another addition to the classy boobs-go-for-a-ride formula, only this time things aren't quite as enhanced as they were before. UPDATE! They took down the video and it was edited to remove the nipples. Apparently, YouTube is ok with the rest of the videos but a little nipping was too far. The Full NSFW version is here.


This twin-turbo C6 Z06 Vette isn't the first car try and scare its busty passenger. There was that silicone-powered CTS-V ride, that woman busting out in a drift Supra and that Hungarian going drifting with her two g-meters hanging out in the open.

I'm starting to think that wanting to scare cam girls in cars and then look at their jumblies is just hardwired into our brains, like doodling dinosaurs with lasers or laughing at farts.

We've mostly stopped posting them because it's all just a bad parody of itself, but it was worth including this one because of the possibility that they may have chosen a woman who doesn't look like she just crawled out of the Dallas Spearmint Rhino to widen their demographic appeal.

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