These Vigilante Rescue Jeeps Are Saving Big Rigs And Cars In Storms

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The highways of storm-ravaged north Texas have been exceptionally slippery this year, and constantly shut down by large crashes. So the good samaritans of the Chisholm Jeep Club have been posting up, winches ready, waiting for stuck citizens to save.

CBS11 interviewed a guy who'd had a pretty harrowing experience dumping his Ram into a ditch after sliding off the road. "To be honest, I started calling on Jesus," he told the camera. But he seemed pretty happy to have been recovered by the Chisholm crew, or at least to be on local TV.


Jeep owner Nora Cortez told local ABC channel;"We wanted to get together and do some good for people, especially when we have Jeeps that are really good to do it."

Looks like the Chisholm Jeep Club runs all late-model JK Wranglers with lifts, big tires, bumpers, and of course a lot of lights.

Club member and good guy Joe Torez calls it "one of those deals where you just want to get out and help random people. We do it for free. Pay it forward."


And of course, it's a great excuse to break out the winch and amber strobes.

Not sure if the Texas Department of Public Safety actually condones these random acts of kindness or not, but I'll let you know if they get back to me.


From here it looks like these Chisholm folks are really making some people's day by getting their car out of the grass, and basically doing everybody on these roads major a favor by helping traffic move again more quickly after a crash.

Image via WFAA screencap

And because I know you love watching little trucks pull big trucks:


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