Pickup Pulls Semi-Truck Out Of The Sand In Badass Beach Recovery

Somebody decided the beach of South Padre Island, Texas was just a fine place to park a semi-truck cab, until it was static as a dead whale. Luckily for them somebody showed up with a stout pickup, which beat that old devil wheelspin to rescue the rig.


Two Ford F-150s are daisy-chained to the big rig, but it looks like the red one up front abandons the effort before the semi is actually extracted. F150Forum.com member 2011XLT5.0 (wonder what he drives?) posted his triumph earlier this month.

I didn't notice at first, but it looks like the pulling-pickup is hooked up to the stalled semi with a strap hanging over the trailer hitch ball. As has been pointed out by SWITAWI, that's not always the best idea.

By the way, turn your speakers down before you hit play— between the wind and the woman screaming with glee at the end, you don't really need the audio to critique the recovery. So how's his technique?



Yes, yes, yes.... Oh no, no, nonoNONONO NO!!!

The hitch ball is NOT A RECOVERY POINT!!!

Granted it worked out this time, but a hitch ball is not designed to take the shock loads associated with snatch strap recovery. Lots of times this...


...equals vehicle damage or possible injury to bystanders.