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These Trashed Porsches Are A TV Publicity Stunt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At least three Porsches are on flatbeds here in Manhattan today, spray painted up like they got hit by vengeful girlfriends done wrong. Here's the thing: it's all a publicity stunt.

This is for Bravo's new show the Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce, and well, it certainly makes a mark.


There may be no more potent image of cheating than seeing a sports car get trashed, and pictures of these Porsches have been popping up all over Instagram. We actually saw another heading through the Holland Tunnel this morning, so there are at least three in NYC today.


This could all well be some wash-off soap rather than spray paint, so don't worry too much about these cars actually getting damaged.

(Hat tip to Victor Jeffreys II!)