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These Shade-Tree Mechanics Know How To Make A Real Range Rover Pickup

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday the always-extreme luxotuner Brabus/Startech turned the back of a new Range Rover into a pickup bed, and bedazzled the rest of the thing with fender flares, carbon accents, and 11"-wide wheels. Meanwhile some folks in Seattle made their own Range Rover truck and it's way, way better.


Apparently this monster was spotted in Wallingford, Washington. Looks like somebody took a box truck or a flat bed, relieved it of everything but the frame (and engine?), and dropped most of an old Range Rover body on the front.

Bad. Ass.

Get a load of those exhaust stacks and that barn bustin' brush guard! Pretty epic air conditioning setup too.


We salute the automotive innovator behind this freakish hybrid.

Thanks for sending this in, Venivelovici!

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