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These Russian Drivers Are Cool As Cucumbers After Going For A Dip

After a day spent fighting off wild pigs, dodging out-of-control trucks, and escaping massive explosions, nothing really fazes Russian drivers anymore. That's why when these two Russian men end up going off the road and swimming in a river, they don't seem all that bothered by it. Which makes it hilarious.


The conversation, translated from the original Russian, shows just how bored they are by the whole thing:

Oh, we float!

Where we go?

I don't know, maybe to the shore.

Don't steer the wheel, it's useless.

You should probably get your adrenal glands checked if your first response from diving headfirst into a river while still in your car is "oh, we float."


H/t to Robert!

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John Norris (AngryDrifter)

I noticed at the point of impact with the guardrail they anticipated the forthcoming water issue and turned on the wipers. Very forward looking those Russians.