These Photos Of Teens Learning To Drive Stick Will Restore Your Faith

One of the recent hobbies of decrepit, funny-smelling old auto journalists like myself is to lament how the Millenials, with their iPads and Facebooks and HAM radios and Chatroulettes just don't care about cars, especially classics. And none can drive stick. Hagerty Insurance is actually doing something about that.


Even if they're just doing it to finally get all us geezer Gen-X auto journalists to finally shut up about the Millennials, already, the end result is pretty spectacular. They're getting people from 16-25 into some really amazing classic cars, and teaching them to drive stick. Just like Driving God intended.

Judging from the photos from their recent event in Hartford, CT, they're bringing some fantastic old iron to these events: a Porsche 911 Carerra RS, a '72 BMW 3.0 CSi, a '69 Camaro SS — can you imagine learning to drive stick on any of those iconic cars? These kids have it so good. So damn good.

Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars showed up as a guest instructor, and to their credit not even rain would stop these inexperienced drivers from learning to drive stick on these cars that require much more attention than what these kids are likely used to.


Teaching kids to drive stick, exposing them to the joy of classic cars — these are the kinds of events that give us hope for the future. If you're 16-25 and have never been in a classic car, or don't yet know how to shift your own gears, I'd say find one of these events and give it a go.


In fact, looking through the archive of past events, this could be some kid's only chance ever to drive an air-cooled car. You can't deny a young adult that pleasure. No way.


Don't doom yourself to a life of boredom! Drive interesting cars, kids.

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