Remember back in the '90s when the world had morph-mania? For a glorious while there, it felt like the whole world was one glorious morphable thing, with our Mac LCs and Morph 2.0. A Mercedes parts supplier remembers, and made some oddly compelling animations of Mercedes-Benzes morphing through their generations.

Mercedes-Benz approach to design has loosened up a lot in recent years, and it's interesting to see that play out in these morphs. I do thing the G-Wagen one is a little deceptive, since the body is really pretty much the same and slight changes of angle make it seem like it's changing more, but whatever, we're here to have fun.








Of course, I know what you're all thinking after watching these: it's just a shame this morphing technology came too late to save Manimal. I know, I know.