These Floridians Were Arrested In A Rolling Meth Lab

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When a Florida sheriff's deputy pulled someone over for not wearing his seatbelt, he found much more amiss than the man's failure to use a safety restraint.


The motorist and his two passengers were riding in a rolling meth lab, and were even in the midst of cooking up a batch when the law spotted the driver's careless infraction.

According to police, the car was kitted out with everything needed to make and sell meth, including all the necessary chemicals and a pill grinder. There was also a mason jar filled with fuel oil and meth sitting in a laundry basket on top of the fuel tank. In addition to being a mobile meth lab, it sounds like the car was also a rolling time bomb.


The cops arrested Johnathan Bradford Wilkerson, 36, Donna Alyce Thompson Jones, 36, and Erica Bontrager, 21 for possession and production of methamphetamine, with bail set between $130,000 and $150,000.

Officer Tim Rogers pointed out that this type of thing isn't exactly an anomaly where he works. It is South Florida, after all.

Photo credit: Associated Press; Levy County Sheriff's Office

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