These Are Your Tragic Stories of the Cars That Got Away

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Trying to live your life with no regrets is a nice philosophy to have, but it isn’t always the easiest to carry out. Especially when it comes to cars. Cars can be a drain on your patience and your wallet. Or you sometimes (foolishly) think that you can find a better one somewhere else.


Last week, we asked you about the car that got away from you. The one that you think about every so often and you feel a pang of regret at not realizing how great it was while it was right there in front of you.

It’s a really crappy feeling, but hey, at least you aren’t alone in it. Plenty of people have gone through the same thing. I didn’t think these stories would gut-punch me as hard as they did. Be ready with some tissues nearby.

Here we go.

Pantera! (MattRFrankenBenz)

I, too, love the Pantera. I feel your pain.

Fast, Furious (S_Hunt)

At least you have the memories.


A Pop of Yellow (Evan Hayden)

Keeps your eyes open, there has to be another.


S2K (boneheadotto)

Damn, man. Hope you didn’t get hurt!


Another BMW Gone (Chiraag Dave)

You’re right, it was beautiful.


Dads Know Best (Turbolence1988 Loves Spinning Doritos)

The car... or college.


Never Forget Gablitz (VadGTI)

This is a good story and you all should read it.


While at Work (MinivanDad)

Oh man, right in the feels.


Violent Smart (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ Smart & UJM Hoarder)

Love wheelies.



I am sorry for your loss and I hope that you’ve found something to help you cope.


Hindsight (Elhigh)

Hindsight will save you a lot of money.


Old Merc (Sinatra23)

Find it, buy it back.


On the Hunt (Conor)

Don’t stop looking, you’ll find it.

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Jeff Glucker

That Superbird story...