These Are Your Most Gut-Wrenching Automotive Regrets

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Regret is the worst feeling. It’s the one that sticks a knife in your heart and twists it because you knew you could have done differently. This post will be a painful one because it’s all about your greatest automotive regrets.

Last week, I asked you guys about your biggest automotive regrets. Sell something you weren’t supposed to? Pass up the opportunity to buy something great?


I haven’t been a car owner for that long, so I’m trying my best not to do anything that I might regret later. I think I know what to look out for now. Thanks, friends. This was a learning opportunity.

Lock Up (Joe Claffey Jr.)

This doesn’t help my paranoia.

Anti-Jeep (2Kids+OldTruck=0money)

A dollar a mile.


Miata (Hydro Thunder Hurricane for President)

It’s okay, we’re here for you.


Gears (HammerheadFistpunch)

At least you know now.


Neon (thebrianbuckley)

S10s are cool.


A Word From The Wise (drdanteiii)

Good advice right here.


S2000 (alex)

Urgh, those were nice wheels.


Tires Are Important (Drakkon now with two half pumps of caramel)

That one felt like a gut-punch.


Valiant (Just Jeepin’)

A for effort and bravery, though.


Maroon (Moley)

I do have a soft spot for maroon Astons.


930 (bootska)

Oh my God.


Dream Car (TheLittleBugThatWon’t)

As a first car? Maybe not the best idea.


“Daewoo” And “Regret” (benlama1)

They basically mean the same thing.


S2000 Again (Mu Than Gya)

Again with he S2000s. I really need to drive one!

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Future next gen S2000 owner

Two of these are about selling S2000's......I’m just sayin’.