A bunch of gearheads with too much time and some Photoshop skills did what any gearhead in a similar position would do: They found out what cars would look like after playing around with the original designs in Photoshop.

A few of these are terrible, but we'd actually drive a couple of them.

These photos come from this thread on car forum Final Gear, which seems to be the epicenter of this craze.


The result are these strange looking contraptions. Each one is half going the right way, half going the wrong way (or the other way around if you start at the bottom, or top, or the opposite of whichever end you're supposed to start with). Some of them don't look half bad. As you can see, others look freakish and unnatural.

For simplicity's sake, we're just going to name them all their original name, backwards. The first image, gods be praised, is a "custom" Obmal.

Photo credit: LP



Photo credit: CrazyRussian540


6RT Hpmuirt

Photo credit: Blayde


Gnatsum Drof

Photo credit: CraigB


F Adnoz

Photo credit: leviathan


Elteeb Wen

Photo credit: vanMould


Retsxob Ehcsrop

Photo credit: Aston Martin

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