These Are the Foulest, Most Disgusting Messes You've Ever Seen in Cars

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I don’t know how it happened, but I woke up this morning in the mood to be grossed out. And I’m taking you all with me. Turn back now or sit tight here, because we’re about to go through some really disgusting car messes.


Last week, I asked you guys for the grossest and most horrible messes you’ve ever seen in a car. As someone who likes neat and orderly interiors, this one was hard to go through.

It also made me remember a car that I’d forgotten about until just now, like my brain suppressed it or something. It belonged to a woman that I carpooled with as a kid to get to school. The inside was a nightmare. It was filled with old fast food containers and other garbage. The seats had cigarette burns in them and the passenger footwell barely had enough space for actual feet because it was so filled with trash.

The back row footwell was so filled with old toys and junk that belonged to her kid that there was no floor space. The sea of mess was level with the seats. You’d climb in and kind of just put your feet on top of everything. Even when you got into the car with muddy shoes if it was raining outside. And a foul stench of stale cigarette smoke and rot settled over everything. My skin is itchy just thinking about it.

I am happy that I read these responses on an empty stomach. They brought me to a dark place. Here’s your NSFW warning right here and now. Try not to scream.

Jello (Blockheads)

You’ll never look at strawberry Jello the same way again.


Archaeological Dig (Chairman Kaga)

They unearthed all kinds of stuff.


“Visibly Unclean” (Ermahgerd!)

A vivid story brought to life with vivid word choice.


If You Can Dodge Dog Pee (santa clause)

Eh, I got nothing.


Cow (Still Deadpan Andre Braugher)

What a great story.


Texas Heat (Pixel)

It is no joke.


Photographic Evidence (Clark)

I am screaming.


Soft Touch (joshuasebastien)

When hard surfaces become, uh, squishy.


Bugs (yenjaiken)

Sorry in advance for any emotional distress this photo causes.


Hot Dogs (Bigburito)

The juicy kind.


Pipe Tobacco (Brohio216)

How do some people do this?

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.


Low and slow

Can you imagine getting in an accident and not only being punched by an airbag but also having it project a colony of live ants at your face?