How Would You Spend $970 Million on Cars in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible?

Like this, but you could get 20 of them.
Like this, but you could get 20 of them.
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In case you haven’t heard, the Mega Millions Lottery is up to a staggering 970 million dollars. That is a mind-blowing, almost unfathomable amount of money, and I’m going to buy a ticket even though my chances—like yours—are absurdly slim. But what if you did win? How would you spend your winnings on car stuff? You are going to need to be creative.


We have all gone through the fantasy of listing the cool rides we would buy if we won some massive windfall. I can tell you that my list is ever changing. But this time we need a more interesting thought exercise: you need to blow all or most of that $970,000,000 on car-related purchases in the most ridiculous way possible. No houses, no investments, no giving to charity, no nothing. It’s the car time, baby.

Do you go into Singer and say “Give me all of them”? Do you start your own racing team? Do you buy a tech startup and do whatever you want? (I hear Elio could use some cash.) Or perhaps snatch up a fleet of old racing cars and bring them back to their former glory?

Let’s have some fun. Tell us how you would spend that massive amount of cash, but not like some chump.

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Still Deadpan Andre Braugher

I would buy David Tracy an awful lot of Jeeps.