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These Are The Cars Most Commonly Owned By People With DUIs

If you see one of these cars barreling toward you, it's because the driver is more likely to be drunk than any other driver

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Insurance comparison website Insurify is here to tell us what cars we need to avoid on the road because the driver is probably drunk. Okay, maybe not “probably” — but according to the site’s, these are the 10 cars that have the most drunk drivers behind the wheel.

Before we get into the list, we should probably discuss the methodology behind their list in an effort to decide how big of a grain of salt we should take their findings with.


Insurify pulled these numbers from their database of about 1.6 million car insurance applications.

“To apply for quotes, users input personal and vehicle information from the past seven years, including the model of car they drive, and whether they have been cited for driving under the influence,” they wrote on their website. “For each model, the share of drivers with a prior DUI violation was compared against the total population of motorists that owned that model.”


According to Insurify, about 1.78 percent of all car owners have a prior DUI violation, and if you are one of those people, you probably have a pickup truck. In fact, seven out of the top ten vehicles were trucks.

There are a few other oddities as well. A few of the cars have been out of production for over two decades, and several manufacturers had multiple vehicles on the list. There's no clear reason why that is, but Insurify is just here  to present the numbers.

So, without further ado, the disgraceful 10:

  • 10. Ford Contour - 2.92 percent
  • 9. Dodge Dakota - 2.94 percent
  • 8. GMC Sierra - 3.01 percent
  • 7. Chevrolet Silverado - 3.02 percent
  • 6. Toyota Tacoma - 3.08 percent
  • 5. GMC Sonoma - 3.09 percent
  • 4. Audi A4 - 3.28 percent
  • 3. Chevrolet S-Series Trucks - 3.47 percent
  • 2. Subaru WRX - 4.1 percent
  • 1. Dodge Ram 2500 - 4.95 percent

What a deeply strange list of cars from all walks of life. Next time you see any of them coming down the road, perhaps it’s best to give them a wide berth… or ask the driver for a drink.