There's Nothing A Honda NSX Onboard From Le Mans Won't Make Better

You. Hey, you. I'm going to skip over that angry sad sack over there mumbling about being forever alone, but you, there, person who accidentally slept through the only open track time all weekend (oops). Yes, you! Watch this NSX race car get flogged around at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Isn't that...better?

NSXes are great. Circuit de la Sarthe is great. Even that wide pass that interrupts this clip in the middle is great. Everything about this video is thoroughly wonderbutts.


This is from Le Mans 1994, and thankfully, the announcer even stops talking for a few seconds to let that V6 wail. This is how a V6 should sound. This delightful wail right here.

[H/T Orlove]

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