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There's A Brand-New Lamborghini And We Don't Know What It Is

Illustration for article titled Theres A Brand-New Lamborghini And We Dont Know What It Is

Lamborghini is about to debut a brand-new car at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, and that's great. There's just one problem – we have no idea what it is.


As we haven't seen copious amounts of test mules running about, I'm going to bet it's a concept of some sort. But what kind of concept it is, is the even bigger mystery. The only image we have of it is the silhouette line drawing-above, which came courtesy of this invitation from Lamborghini:

Illustration for article titled Theres A Brand-New Lamborghini And We Dont Know What It Is

In case you're having trouble with your literacy today, which is impressive, because you're reading these words right now, it says:

Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it.

Now, that statement can mean one of two things, in my eyes, and it all depends on what vision you have for a modern Lamborghini. Is a modern Lamborghini like the fire-breathing Italian bulls of lore, ready to chop your head off at a moments notice with a massive wing on the back and also possibly some laser machine guns?

If so, than I imagine they are debuting the new Lamborghini Aventador (squared), which is simply two Lamborghini Aventadors joined together by two whirling, razor-sharp pieces of carbon fiber ready to cut down any who stand in its way, to make one outrageous vehicle of perfection.

Or rather, is the modern Lamborghini just a bunch of Audis with slightly more understeer?


In which case, I imagine this is the concept debut for a Lamborghini sedan, much like the Lamborghini Estoque concept, and the "perfection" implies it's got two sets of scissor doors. Which really can be perfection, if they're not on a clapped-out Honda Civic, in which case they're awful.


My heart wants the former notion, but my head says the latter. Except without scissor doors.


Just regular doors.

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