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We love technological innovations. Everything from butt warmers, anti-fog windshields and iPod connectors. If it's able to help make your drive more comfy — we're all for it. We've got a corollary to that as well — and that's technology helping you drive more safely. Like this little toy called LaneFX — made by Drivaware. The LaneFX supposedly turns your ol' and busted turn signal into the new hotness Drivaware calls an "active blind spot exposure system." We don't know what that marketing-speak means, but we've divined from the pics what we think is the intent of the "system" — it moves your power mirror outward to "sweep and expose your blind spot" when you hit the turn signal. Sounds pretty neat if it were free — but at $296 it's too rich for our blood. We'll stick to the time tested "glance over your shoulder and pray" methodology.

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