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Forget to use your turn signal? Prepare to be pecked to death by tiny, fierce, flu-suffering hummingbirds. Ok, maybe not. Maybe your lane-change transgression will earn you a spot in the looney bin, after having been beeped and vibrated into a meltdown by Iteris's latest driver-assistance invention — the explicitly named Lane Departure System. The LDW system — which Nissan just today presented with its 2005 Global Innovation Award — was first offerred as an option on 2005 Infiniti FX SUVs, and is now an option on the new 2006 Infiniti M luxury sedans. According to the company, over 10,000 LDW units have been shipped to Infiniti to date. The system employs a mounted camera and proprietary software algorithms to monitor lane markings in front of a vehicle. If a driver drifts out of lane unintentionally (i.e., no signal) they system starts making with the beeps and vibrations. Insanity comes later.


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